How to make coasters? Some tips to follow while making personalized beer coaster

There are many people in the current times looking forward to brewing their own beer. If you brew the beer all by yourself, you need to know that there are various things to know beside this. You will have to buy your own personalized labels and personalized bottle caps or tops. It is also important to know how to make coasters. It is possible to make your own personalized beer coaster by following some simple steps. Indeed, making your own coaster will add a new dimension to the way you brand your beer. The beer will look very different on the table once you use the personalized coaster. Your brand will stand out different from the rest and indeed it will be possible to give a personalized touch to the beer you sell. Your brand of beer can become popular even if you brew just a few bottles of it. It will have a unique identity with personalized coasters.

How To Make Coasters

Personalization tips to make your brew stand out

There are various ways in which you may personalize the beer coaster. For instance, you can add the congratulation message on the bottle to let your coaster stand out. Personalized coasters are important to consider if you run your own pub or bar. Choose the design of the coaster which suits you perfectly. For instance, if you create coaster for the guestroom, you may add a message like ‘enjoy to the fullest’ to personalize the coaster. There are endless possibilities when it comes to personalizing the coaster.

How to buy the coaster?

If you do not know How To Make Coasters or lack time to do the same, you may buy the coaster from an online shop. A lot many companies dealing with the coasters operate online and offline. Online shops sell the coasters at budget friendly and discounted rates. A well chosen coaster will give an extra effect to your beer. Using personalized coaster is the best way to let your drink stand out from the rest. Promotional coasters are the best way to take the business message across to the potential customers in a cost effective manner. You can order the coaster in bulk to avail huge discounts.

How to make coasters?

If you want, you can make coasters with the help of ceramic tiles. You can use a tile to print the design on the water slide decal and then you can go for varnishing. The artwork may be hand painted or may be printed digitally. Direct hand painting will also be good. You will need various supplies like square tiles, mod podge, paint brush for the glue, craft knife, pencil, ruler, etc. All the supplies can be procured from an art store. Waterproofing and varnishing materials will also be needed. Decorate your coaster with scrapbook papers. Use mod podge to decorate the blank side of the paper square. Now, place the decorative paper on the tile. Check if there are any bubbles under the paper. When the glue dries, paint another layer.

If you want to varnish the tiles, you should make them waterproof. Varnishing the tiles will offer it glass like finishing.

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