How to make coasters? Some essential tips to follow

Coasters are the overlooked accessories that are used for functional purposes. They mainly protect the surface from spills and scratches and damages that arise with the passage of time. Apart from being functional pieces, the coasters are also decorative pieces. The wonderful accessory can make your home really beautiful to look at. The best part is that they have a transitional nature. You may move the coasters all through the space in order to change the very nature in which the space works. You may move them to almost change the way in which the space works. They can move with the flow and slip beneath the glass where the drink falls. You may use them to spread hue and color throughout the environment. You may even create a theme and use the coasters. Print interesting photos relating to holidays and festivals to create eye catching coasters.  If you know How To Make Coasters, you can make your own coasters to really change the environment and décor of the space as you want. You can follow important tips for making coasters.

How To Make Coasters

Choose the right supplies

Coasters do have utility purpose and decorative as well. For making a coaster, you need the right kind of supplies like spray paint, white bath tiles, the polycrylic spray paint, stencil and felt circles. To cut out stencil, you may use the exacto knife. When the design is cut out, you can stick the paper to the bottom of the tile.

Tips to follow for the making of coasters

If you are thinking how to make coasters, you may follow vital tips below:

•    Spray the coat of spray paint on the stencil and just wait for 5 minutes. Then, apply another coat of spray to make sure that it gets to the edges. Cut off the extra vinyl that hangs over to the edges.

•    It is important to wait for the paint to dry off and then peel the vinyl away. After waiting for an hour, use polyacrylic spray to seal the paint.

•    After the tiles are dry, make use of felt pads and stick that to each corner. This way the coaster will not scratch the table.

Coasters can be used for different purposes. As per the needs, you can make drink coasters, beverage coasters or any other piece. Being functional by nature, the coasters can stop the spills and collect the trash. The coasters stand between the table and surly world. The coaster may even be used as the decorative tool and allow you to spread the color and beauty to the space.

The material option for the coasters

Coasters are functional and simple tools to protect the furniture surface from damages due to condensation and water spills. Although they may be made from any material, you still can use materials that are practical. Choose a material or a surface which is easy to wipe and clean.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, you can choose paper coaster. Having insulated backing, some of the coaster materials carry smooth finish and prevents chipping and cracking as well. Slate is an ideal material for making the coaster.

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