Coasters are important accessories that act as the foremost line of defense to guard your expensive furniture surfaces from damage due to drips, spills and scratches. Although you can use any material for the making of coaster but it is generally the raw material which determines the life span and the functionality of the coaster. In the entire coaster world, the natural stone is becoming a popular material choice. The stone bears many natural qualities that so it is becoming the best choice. If you are wondering How To Make Coasters, you may follow certain instructions.

The different steps for the making of coasters

There is no need to spend tons of money in order to buy a coaster. You can now make your own personalized coaster at home. Follow the below steps:

How To Make Coasters

•    Print out the photo or cut out the photo which you wish to use. Just trim the edges and use it in the ceramic tiles. The photo must fit the tiles exactly.

•    Secondly, apply the mod podge towards the back with the help of some sponge applicator. Now place the photo on the tiles carefully. It is important to be quick in this step since mod podge is not that forgiving. The photo must be exactly placed on the tile.

•    Upon the photo, apply mod podge once the photo has dried. You need to use here directional strokes since the lines will be apparent when dry.

•    Now, give time to the mod podge and let it dry.

•    Apply 2-3 layers of mod podge more to make sure that every single layer of mod podge is allowed to dry.

•    Now you can take tiles outside and use acrylic coating.

•    You can allow the spray to dry for 15 minutes and thereby repeat the process. To ensure that the tiles are totally waterproof, you can do the total of 5 layers.

•    Cut the pieces of felt and use at the coaster’s back. So, you may be sure that it does not scratch your table.

Material options for the coaster

There are various kinds of materials you may use for the coaster. You can use sandstone, slate, fossil stone, onyx, granite or marble material. All the kinds of natural stones that are procured from the mountains can be used for the making of coasters. Each kind of material has its own characteristics. You must study the features of particular stones and then make your choices. Sandstone is the material which can conveniently absorb the moisture from the sweaty glass. Slate is just as popular as sandstone with the additional feature of being durable. It can withstand scratches and stains in the finest manner. By using the natural stones for coasters, you may bring the beauty of natural world right up to your home.

By knowing How To Make Coasters, you may make your own personalized coaster. Look for reliable and durable material for the making of coaster. But, still you should watch out for the messes and stains that can occur suddenly.